Residential Address *
I have read and understood the objectives* of Balvihar Hindi School, VHPA Chicago (referred as “Balvihar” hereinafter) in particular and World Hindu Council (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) of America’s (VHPA) mission in general, I am glad to offer my services as a volunteer in the Balvihar program.

I also understand that my services in Balvihar if as a teacher, may be required for a full academic year.

By registering as a volunteer at Balvihar, I, also, understand that in the event of any unforeseen emergencies, VHPA, its members, or any agents or officers or volunteers of VHPA are permitted to provide immediate help. I hereby release Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council) of America, Inc. (VHPA) and/or its officers, directors, members, agents, employees, beneficiaries, or successors in interest from any and all liabilities arising out of any transaction or occurrence that may occur during participation in any Balvihar activity, including, but not limited to, any injury arising out of the negligence of VHPA and I hereby release VHPA from any and all current or future legal claims that may arise out of said transactions or occurrences.

I acknowledge that I have been advised to make sure that I’m physically and mentally fit to volunteer in all applicable activities of Balvihar.

I hereby give permission to VHPA to use my pictures, videos, or other intellectual property created during Balvihar, or any officially sanctioned Balvihar activity in any publication, or website or newsletter or any other such materials and media not mentioned herein.

I believe in, practice and/or respect the spiritual and religious principles and practices rooted in Bharat (India).

Balvihar objectives are available online at and see VHPA objectives at