Q: What is Bal Vihar of Chicago?

A: Bal Vihar Chicago is a project of World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) since 1974, VHPA is a not-for-profit volunteer run organization with exemption from the Federal Income tax under section 501 (c) (3). The primary focus of this organization is to instill, foster and preserve Indian cultural values among children.

Q: Where is Bal Vihar of Chicago located?

A: Balvihar Chicago provides instructional classes at : Eola Community Center, 555 S Eola Rd, Aurora, IL 60504.

Q: What are requirements to attend Bal Vihar School?

A: Bal Vihar is open to all children between ages of 5 years to 15 years of age, those children who meet the admission age and program criteria are admitted without any religious association, cast, creed, color, or nationality.

Q: What are the admission criteria?

A: Your child must be 5 years old by July 31st of the first school year.

Q: My child is 14 years old. Can he/she join Bal Vihar?

A: Yes, he / she can join Bal Vihar.

Q: Is there a Registration Fee?

A: Yes. Registration for students is $200 non-refundable.

Q: Since Bal Vihar is a not-for-profit organization, is the registration fee tax exempt?

A: No this is not true, as a service of education is received the tuition paid is not tax deductible under charities rules of 501c3, any donations made to Bal-Vihar are however tax deductible. (Please consult your Accountant for more details.)

Q: When can I register my child/children?

A: Bal Vihar Registration is open from Early May and offers a discount of 10% for registrations by May 31st for session which begins in September of the year. Students are accepted in term till one week before in September before the school year begins.

There is also a sibling discount if 2 students are joining from same home, second student will receive 10% discount when registering after May 31st.

Q: Are there any volunteer opportunities?

A: Yes, we always appreciate parent participation as volunteer at Bal-Vihar, anyone interested in volunteering at the School can sign-up online for the same.

Q: How do we get in touch for information during session?

A: Via the e-mail, administration or the teacher will contact you for all the announcements or activities. You can also visit the website or your child/children’s webpage for the day’s activity or class homework.